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Feis Na Tara, Champs 2015 Feis Review

The 20th Annual Feis Na Tara was held on Friday & Saturday, February 27th & 28th 2015 by the Mulligan School of Irish Step Dance and the Tara Dance Company, at the Marriot Atlanta Airport, in Atlanta, Georgia. This was our first trip to this feis. I am attempting to make this a Champs review, in the hopes… Read more »

Maple City Feis 2015 Review

The Inaugural Maple City Feis was held on February 21st, 2015 at the John D. Bradley Convention Center in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and was hosted by the Cornell School. Any feis can have its positives and negatives, and this feis is no different. Not going to pull any punches on the lows, considering this was the… Read more »

North Coast Eats, 2015

If you don’t already know, I occasionally mention some of the good eats we find while we are on the feiseanna trail. You can find the complete list in my Feistaurants section but for this post, I wanted to point out a few places you may want to consider the next time you are up… Read more »

North Coast Feis 2015

The North Coast Feis was held on February 7th, 2015 at the IX Center in Cleveland, OH. This is the second year we have been at this feis at this level, and the 4th (I think) time we have been to the feis. This year was very much a repeat of last year, and I was thinking about just… Read more »

Feising for the ‘traditional’ sports parents

My latest post on Antonio Pacelli, some dos and don’ts for the first time parents who have brought their children up in ‘less cool’ sports like football. Also good for family and friends who are going to their first feis. Read the entire post out at

Well Crap…

Just now realized I have lost all the data for all polls tied to all previous posts. Well, not lost, but recently I moved the website from my personal server to the Feis Dad server and everything copied over, or so I thought. Unfortunately, none of the polls did. Info is still available but I doubt… Read more »

Some Notes for Website and Facebook Admins

I am a web guy in the real world, have been for nearly 18 years. I am also a Certified Usability Analyst, and as I was researching schools I was adding to my schools pages, I took some usability notes for you website and Facebook admins. Take it for what its worth, just thought I… Read more »

Am I doing this to my dancer?

Last night, TGC showed me a Tumblr post by a popular dancer. Although the language is a bit salty, what the dancer says also made me think. WARNING: Some language in the attachment to this post is (not may be, is) inappropriate for some readers. Although I don’t think I have ever ‘consciously’ told TGC she needs to… Read more »

Oireachtas Lessons Learned

A trip to Oireachtas is a wonderfully enlightening, scary thing. Filled with dance and friends and emotions and bling, here are some steps to prepare you for your adventure. A new post in my Feis Dad series out on Antonio Pacelli, take a look at Oireachtas Lessons Learned.

The 2000, 500, 300 Contest

Also known as, ‘the completely self-absorbed’ contest, but you can win a Feis Prints T-Shirt! So here is the deal, if my What The Feis Facebook page gets to 2000 likes, or What The Feis Unplugged gets to 500, or Feis Prints gets to 300, by 9pm E.S.T on Sunday, November 23rd, I will give… Read more »