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Shoe Shining – You Got What It Takes?

Last week I received a message from a Facebook follower that highlights the potential dangers of pre-Feis shoe shining. Thankfully, she saw the humor, and admits she is accident prone, so she wanted to share the story. I was upset that she had been injured, but saw the humor in her story, and asked if… Read more »

Building an Irish Dance Practice Stage…

…by someone who sits on his butt in front of a computer most days. I can be handy. I have done handy stuff, but lately I have focused more on easier projects like light fixtures, ceiling fans, adding door locks and dimmer switches, replacing toilets and their parts, putting prefab shelves together, etc… I have… Read more »

If Dr. Seuss was a feis dad…

My latest post out on Antonio Pacelli. I was thinking about dance safety, and if your dancer is like mine, they will dance anywhere. I warn mine all the time to be safe, and if I was Dr. Seuss, it might go something like in this post. See it out on Antonio Pacelli at

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

For my next Antonio Pacelli blog post, a brief overview of some of the differences between Grades and Champs you as new feis parents might see at a feis. You can see the entire article over on the Feis Dad section of the Antonio Pacelli Community Blog at

Fill your Feis Bag for under $15!

If you are like me, you have just dropped a chunk of change on Irish dancing. This could have been for a workshop, dance camp, private lessons, school dance costume, or new dance shoes. Possibly even (gasp) a new feis vest or solo dress! Anyway you look at it, you just spent a lot of… Read more »

The 7 Stages of Purchasing Your First Solo Dress

Another post for my Feis Dad Gig out on Antonio Pacelli. I noticed a similarity between a few different ‘life events’. Typically, ‘The 7 Stages’ are associated with something completely different, but I have come to find, that they are the exact same stages of purchasing your first, and subsequent solo dresses. Don’t believe me? See the The… Read more »

Feising for the ‘traditional’ sports parents

My latest post on Antonio Pacelli, some dos and don’ts for the first time parents who have brought their children up in ‘less cool’ sports like football. Also good for family and friends who are going to their first feis. Read the entire post out at

Am I doing this to my dancer?

Last night, TGC showed me a Tumblr post by a popular dancer. Although the language is a bit salty, what the dancer says also made me think. WARNING: Some language in the attachment to this post is (not may be, is) inappropriate for some readers. Although I don’t think I have ever ‘consciously’ told TGC she needs to… Read more »

Oireachtas Lessons Learned

A trip to Oireachtas is a wonderfully enlightening, scary thing. Filled with dance and friends and emotions and bling, here are some steps to prepare you for your adventure. A new post in my Feis Dad series out on Antonio Pacelli, take a look at Oireachtas Lessons Learned.