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So far, so good and sideways smiles…

Well, we have had two classes at the new school and I am very impressed with things so far. The GC likes it and is learning new things already. They seem very organized and, as we say in the Navy, ‘hit the deckplates running.’ On the second night of class, the teacher gave us a school decal window sticker for the car… I know, you are saying, so what’s the big deal? We were with the other school for four years, never had the opportunity to buy, never mind have given to us, any logo gear for the school. I offered to make the old school a website and they said no, the new school has one already, and did I tell you they have only been open for about 2 weeks? This is not a slam, at least not intentionally, on the old school, just a positive endorsement for the new. We have only had 2 classes. read more

A Feis Mom, a can of worms and me….

For those of you who read Confeissions of a feis Mom, a recent post referred to a feis Mom in southern Ohio who was facing a can of worms. Truth be told, I am that Mom, except I am not a Mom, or a woman for that matter, and the author was trying to protect my anonymity in a time of decision.

We were debating about changing dance schools, and this past weekend, we took the plunge. We heard there was a new school opening in our area, an opportunity that had never presented itself, and we were intrigued. I won’t say we were disappointed with the school we were attending, and no, I will not name names, at least not intentionally, but there were things that my OCD side had less patience for, lets just put it that way. read more