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Building an Irish Dance Practice Stage…

…by someone who sits on his butt in front of a computer most days.

I can be handy. I have done handy stuff, but lately I have focused more on easier projects like light fixtures, ceiling fans, adding door locks and dimmer switches, replacing toilets and their parts, putting prefab shelves together, etc… I have done bigger projects, remodeled a kitchen (with help), built an entire wall of shelving in a garage, and some others, but it has been a while. Anyway, I figured this dance floor thing should be a no brainer. I was mostly right, but kinda wrong. read more

You Might Be A Feis Mom…

mbaFM2Had an idea to to take my You Might Be An Irish Dance Parent blog post from my Feis Dad series on Antonio Pacelli and turn it into a tshirt(s). I have spent a few hours on this design and can probably spend a few more tweaking it. Thought it might be a good time to get an opinion before I spend those extra hours.

Sorry for all the shirt posts… had some extra time and like creating when I can, but anyway…

So, if you have a minute, click the image and then let me know in the poll below if it is shirt-worthy. If you have additional comments, please add them below. Thanks in advance! read more

New TShirt Idea, Opinions Please!

Here is my new idea for a Feis Mom T. Take a look, and if you don’t mind, take the poll below the image. Its anonymous and I would like to check the viability of setting up the design for tshirt printing.


Tell me what you think, be honest. I won’t hold you to it or stalk you if you give the wrong answer. :)

Thanks in advance!

eat, play, whine™

After the immense popularity of eat, pay, drive, and at the request of many (well 2) followers, I have created the non-dance sibling version of the idea. Did I get it right?  ;)


Eat, play, whine is a trademark of What The Feis and is subject to copyright laws.

eat, pay, drive™

A t-shirt idea, based on a book I never plan on writing, that I posted about on Facebook. Would you buy one?   ;)


Eat, pay, drive is a trademark of What The Feis and is subject to copyright laws.

T-Shirt Idea

I always say I drive and pay, that’s my job as a dance dad. With that came this idea that I am thinking of making into a t-shirt. What do you think?

An idea… buying and selling solo dresses

I am working on an idea designed to help when buying and selling solo dresses.

I know, I know, there are A LOT of dress selling sites, but I have not found anything where a buyer could list what they are looking for so that a seller search easily and then could contact the buyer.

If such a site existed, would you, as a buyer post what you are looking for, OR, as a seller, appreciate the fact that they could search a wish list to hopefully find a buyer faster? Oh, and did I mention listing and searching would be FREE. read more