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Fill your Feis Bag for under $15!

If you are like me, you have just dropped a chunk of change on Irish dancing. This could have been for a workshop, dance camp, private lessons, school dance costume, or new dance shoes. Possibly even (gasp) a new feis vest or solo dress! Anyway you look at it, you just spent a lot of… Read more »

Attending Your First Feis

A contribution by my friend Mellie Wilkes who thought some of you would find it useful. Thanks Mellie! So, an amazingly talented friend or family member has invited YOU to a feis? Wonderful! The following are some suggestions and tips, to help in your first feis experience. Packing List: Water bottle Snack bar Peppermints Chocolate… Read more »

Parents & Dancers PLEASE Read

At the McMenamin Academy Feis in Milwaukee this weekend, I witnessed a rather disturbing event that I thought would never happen at a feis. I suggest all parents and dancers read this, and share with anyone you think needs to read it…. I suggest all parents, with or without dancers. ***** NOTE: Please see the comments… Read more »

WTF Happened?

About 26 hours ago, the What The Feis Facebook page had about 86 Likes. We have been online for a little over 2 years, and I let natural word of mouth create our ‘fan base’. Well, last night, Facebook What The Feis was listed on Crazy Irish Broads page (18 and over suggested please) and… Read more »

The Mark of the Beast

For those of you who follow @whatthefeis on Twitter or on Facebook, you may recall my remarks about the dancer at the Indianapolis Feis who was dressed all in black, and whose number was 666. Now, I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school, was an altar boy, etc… and am a practicing Christian now (not Catholic… Read more »

Dancer Nicknames

I have a feis-free weekend so I decided to write that blog post I have had on the back-burner. When my daughter started competing, she danced against the same people over and over again, and we began to recognize the girls (and an occasional boy) from feis to feis and year to year, but had… Read more »

Ashley Smith – Heartbeat of Home Update!

Ashley was chosen as one of the 10 Judges Choice winners for the Heartbeat Of Home competition. She will compete against the 9 other JC winners and the 10 Peoples Vote winners in on the 24th of May in Dublin, Ireland for the formal audition for Heartbeat of Home which opens in Dublin in September…. Read more »

Ashley Smith on Heartbeat of Home Talent Search

Fans and friends of Ashley Smith, or any of the Smith family for that matter, may already know that Ashley, a 3 time World Champion. is competing in the Heartbeat of Home Talent Search. If you would like to support Ashley in this endeavor, go to and vote for her! Good Luck Ashley!

Voices in a hail storm

Click the link to listen to the attached sound…. I am sure you guys know what it is, but doesn’t it sound like a hail or really heavy rain storm with a few voices mixed in? Voices In a Hail Storm Comment if you know what it really is.

A Feis-Free Weekend!? WTF?

Actually have this weekend and next off from Feising, and then Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Halloween Feis and Dayton for the Gem City Feis (yeah, only a 30 minute drive!). If anyone is dancing before then and wants to add a feis review, please let me know here by leaving a comment, or on Twitter… Read more »