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Irish Dance Terms .v3

Irish Dance Terms are our attempt to label those Irish Dance things we know, but which don’t have a ‘real name’.


noun clus·ter·feis \ˈklə-stər-fɛʃ\
1 : a complex and utterly disordered and mismanaged situation :  a muddled mess, when it comes to anything related to Irish Dance
2 : a way to say what you are REALLY thinking when your Irish Dancers are in earshot and you can’t say what you are really thinking.

examples of clusterfeis

  • The construction on I-65 North driving home from Nationals was a real clusterfeis
  • read more

    Irish Dance Terms .v2


    noun feis·pi·o·nage
    1 : the activity of spying on dancers from other schools in order to steal their steps or routines.

    Pack Up Your Feisin’ In Your Old Who Hut… wait, what!?

    The other day, my husband said, “You know, when we move, we won’t need any boxes…we can just pack everything in your tote bags.” I looked around the room and had to agree. I could easily start my own bag kiosk at the mall. People are constantly telling me that I have a bag problem. My response is always that I can quit bags anytime.

    Dr-Seuss-cat-in-the-hatAfter giving this some additional thought, I realized that I don’t have a BAG problem, I have a FEIS problem.  There is just too much stuff I need to bring to be the ‘Perfectly Prepared Feis Mom’ (PPFM) and I can’t get a system down that doesn’t involve looking like the Beverly Hillbillies. At a recent Feis, you could buy a tee shirt with an image of a Feis Mom lugging five suitcases and four tote bags. I honestly thought that someone had snapped a photo of me and shaded it in (with a smaller butt). read more

    Custom-dress Regret Anxiety and Panic Syndrome (CRAPS)

    An in-depth look at something that, at one time or another, will affect us all, from new contributor, Patty O’Bench.

    1513fad900fc46de1bd9a6e5036bb4d0Have you put a deposit down on a solo dress? Are you checking email obsessively hoping for a photo or a FedEx tracking number? Do you worry endlessly that you’ve made a big mistake and you should have forked out the extra money for a Gavin?

    You might be suffering from Custom-dress Regret Anxiety and Panic Syndrome or CRAPS. The symptoms of CRAPS change with each stage but might include the following: read more


    Haven’t had a new glossary term since the first one I posted months ago, but my reference to FeisNation in a FB post today prompted a follower to write a little ‘wiki’ on what that means, so without further ado… Hat tip to Karen for the definition :)


    Feisnation: (definition) a growing group of the population. In public they appear completely normal other than a having a strange graphic applique on their vehicle that depicts what you think at first is a pole dancer but is actually an Irish Step Dancer in motion. read more

    eat, play, whine™

    After the immense popularity of eat, pay, drive, and at the request of many (well 2) followers, I have created the non-dance sibling version of the idea. Did I get it right?  ;)


    Eat, play, whine is a trademark of What The Feis and is subject to copyright laws.

    eat, pay, drive™

    A t-shirt idea, based on a book I never plan on writing, that I posted about on Facebook. Would you buy one?   ;)


    Eat, pay, drive is a trademark of What The Feis and is subject to copyright laws.

    Explaining the Hair

    I am sure you have all been ‘there.’ Maybe it was on the way to a feis when you stopped for a bite to eat, or had to stop at the store for a last minute item on the way, or walking into an airport bar, yes that happened, but I digress. The stares, the awkward smiles, the hushed tones, but you know what they are all thinking and saying, ‘what is with that hair?’

    Happened to us again this weekend, when TGC and I stopped at a Starbucks in Memphis on the way to the Memphis Feis. The conversation went almost exactly like this: read more

    A Feis Day Haiku

    hole in ozone grows,
    authorities wonder why,
    because its feis day.