North Coast Eats, 2015

If you don’t already know, I occasionally mention some of the good eats we find while we are on the feiseanna trail. You can find the complete list in my Feistaurants section but for this post, I wanted to point out a few places you may want to consider the next time you are up Cleveland way. BTW – Cleveland and North Coast both have a few previous feistaurant entries ;)

Fat Head’s Brewery

Beer to go FTW!

Beer to go FTW!

Sandwich in picture is not as close as it appears... it is just huge!

Sandwich in picture is not as close as it appears… it is just huge!

A very short drive from the feis hotel, imagine a micro-brewery, wings joint, pizza place, burger stand and kick ass deli all in one, and that is Fat Heads. Huge menu and a huge selection of beers, I highly recommend this spot to everyone. They are family friendly too, but do get very busy on a Friday night, so plan ahead. Prices were reasonable and they sell growlers of their brews to go.

Find them online, see their beer list and their menu if you want to know what to expect, or just go and be pleasantly surprised.

A Cupcake A Day

Look for this sign!

Look for this sign!



And what is better after a feis than a little snack, whether it be celebration or consolation? Well, did we find the place.

We drove into Medina on the way south towards home (a nice little town for a day trip BTW), had some lunch in an overpriced cafe which was just meh, but after, what a treat. On one of the side streets off downtown is this little, and I mean 12′ wide (maybe) little shop called A Cupcake A Day, with a few tables, a very small counter and a display case with little chunks of heaven. I had one called the Chubby Hubby and lets just say it is aptly named :)

See their flavor list here and find their address on this page.

Mix their goodies with a cup of joe from Cool Beans, the cool little coffee place 1/2 block away and you are in for a wonderful little after lunch snack :)


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