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Feminine (aka fitted) TShirt Question – Please Help!

If you have made a recent purchase of what I referred to as the ‘fitted’ tshirt, can you take a second, click this posts title and go to the post itself to answer a poll question regarding the shirt? If you have additional comments regarding your purchase, you can add them below the poll, or contact me via one of the methods here.

Thanks in advance!

Feis Mom Coffee Logo TShirt Available for Order!

Feis Mom

The Feis Mom Coffee logo t is now available for pre-order. Eight different color options for the tshirt with a 2-color logo.

Production and shipping it expected the week of 8/20/2014, but may be sooner depending on the printer.

In the meantime, feel free to order yours and I will ship it out as soon as it is available. Click here for the product page.

New TShirt Idea, Opinions Please!

Here is my new idea for a Feis Mom T. Take a look, and if you don’t mind, take the poll below the image. Its anonymous and I would like to check the viability of setting up the design for tshirt printing.


Tell me what you think, be honest. I won’t hold you to it or stalk you if you give the wrong answer. :)

Thanks in advance!

Feis Dads – Extra Strong T-Shirt Design

UPDATE: It is now available for purchase, click here.

I rolled this out to a few dozen people a few weeks ago and it was received really well. So I would like to formerly announce the upcoming release of the Feis Dads – Extra Strong T-Shirt.

Inspired by some old Irish drink labels, in case you can’t tell,  Feis Dads Extra Strong is a play on a dad’s ‘typical’ role in Irish dance. The date is based on info I found about when feiseanna became an organized sport.

feisDadsExtraStrong read more

non-feis eat, pay, drive tshirt sighting

epdGoofyThe first person to buy a tshirt sent me an awesome picture. Admittedly, it is not the first epd tshirt pic I have received. The first was from a good friend who sent it via FB but I could not retrieve it to post it elsewhere.

This pic however, sets a new standard in epd tshirt appearances. Click the thumbnail for the full view.

Thanks to Jamison for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.  :)

Well, I screwed up…

I made a mistake. I need a minimum order to get the quick turnaround for my tshirts and I am about 4 – 5 shirts short on each of three designs.

So, extending my order deadline from tonight to tomorrow night (Tuesday, 6/10) at 9pm EST, and if you order a ‘feis mom circle’, ‘irish dance parent circle’ or ‘irish dance sibling circle’ design tshirt from you can use the coupon code wtfscrewedup for a $3 discount (those designs only). read more