Well, I screwed up…

I made a mistake. I need a minimum order to get the quick turnaround for my tshirts and I am about 4 – 5 shirts short on each of three designs.

So, extending my order deadline from tonight to tomorrow night (Tuesday, 6/10) at 9pm EST, and if you order a ‘feis mom circle’, ‘irish dance parent circle’ or ‘irish dance sibling circle’ design tshirt from https://whatthefeis.com/eat-pray-love-parody-tshirts/ you can use the coupon code wtfscrewedup for a $3 discount (those designs only).

I have temporarily hidden some other designs to try to help keep this from happening again.

Can you help? Thanks

If I get enough to fill the minimums, I will have them in hand this week, otherwise there may be a slight delay in shipping.

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