North Coast Feis Eats

When we attended the North Coast Feis we stayed in downtown Cleveland which provided us a nice variety of eats. As I have in past posts on this blog, I wanted to point some of the restaurants out so the next time you feis in the area, you have an idea where you might want to try with a little info to back it up. Anyway, here goes for Cleveland…

Grumpys – We hit Grumpys for breakfast as it was between the hotel and the IX Center and was recommended by the hotel staff. This is one of those local places we were lucky enough to find. Great menu, huge portions of a lot of standard and not so standard breakfast fare, and VERY reasonable. This place will be our Cleveland breakfast place and I highly recommend it!

Flannerys – An Irish pub downtown. Good food, great beer selection, but get there early if there is a game in town. Recommended, but know in advance it is a bit pricey.

Winking Lizard – A definite recommendation if you are a beer fan, a huge selection, a lot of which I had not heard of. Food was excellent and prices were very reasonable. Three of us ate (and drank) REALLY well for half of what we paid at Flannerys. Great Bar food selection and family friendly. Keep in mind the ‘game in town’ rule. We will go back again.

If you found places you like in Cleveland, please add your comments and less share the ‘food love’.



Winking Lizard is awesome. If you’re looking for places downtown, SOHO has great comfort food–try the beignets. If you like Spanish food, Mallorca is amazing. If you’re looking for a unique experience, definitely try B-Spot–it’s a small chain of Michael Symon’s and it has wonderful burgers and milkshakes. Not a pre-dance meal, but the Vanilla Bean Apple Pie Bacon milkshake is unbelievably amazing. Also worth a check but further from downtown and/or difficult to get into–Lola/Lolita (if you can get in), Oak Barrel, Corky & Lenny’s, Barley House (haven’t been to the one downtown but the one in Akron is good), The Harp, Sweet Melissa’s, Whitey’s, Deagan’s, Saffron Patch, and Russo’s/Bacchus Lounge.


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