Lavin Cassidy Feis

A SPECIAL THANKS to a Feis Mom (who asked to remain anonymous) who volunteered to do a write-up for this feis.  THANKS!

The Lavin Cassidy Feis was held on March 2, 2013 at the Grand Geneva,  Lake Geneva, WI.

Venue – A very spacious and well laid out location for a feis.  In all the stage areas there were plenty of seats and room for limited camping, and even room for some practice space in the stage area.  Water was provided and the dispensers were frequently refilled and kept cold.  Most of the stages were on the main floor with a few on the second floor, but were all very easily accessible  A very handicap accessible feis as there was room to move around with a wheel chair if need be.  Some congestion in the one stage area, but it was to be expected and nothing to complain about.  Microphones were down in our stage area so if you weren’t watching the competition progress on your paper you were kind of in a pickle, but they were calling out for competitors very frequently.  The stage helpers (hey still somewhat new to this and still in beg2) were good about getting the kids lined up and if you missed your competition they would get you in between other dances with no issue.  The used dresses were in one of the coat check areas so they weren’t crammed in the back of a stage causing no room to stand.  Also there was a shuttle service in the lot if you needed to park a distance or if you were staying up at Timber Ridge Lodge.  Did not notice very many handicap spaces, but at least if walking was a issue for you there was the shuttle.

Venue Score: 9.5

Judges – Did not have different judges for my dancers different dances, but the judge did change two dances before she went on.  Nice to see some of the judges we have had at our level judging at the upper levels and getting to compete in front of different judges for a change.

Judge Score: 9.5

Music -Each stage had their own musician.  I loved having a fiddle for the younger ones.  The musician at our stage did not take a break.  From what I noticed at the other rooms that had multiple stages there was no major sound bleed.

Musician Score: 9.5

Food –Hotel food, prices were decent, could be less but it wasn’t too bad.  $2 for a can of pop was ok and not too high, but would have been happier to see it lower.  Was a bit upset that they did not have spotted cow, considering half the people there can’t get it in their home state.  I did not get a chance to see what food was offered up on the second level as we didn’t head up there.

Food Score: 8

Vendors – Usual suspects.  Nice to see the T-shirt people are having more options for what you can print on your shirt, but some of the prices could be a little less.  For example if you wanted a sweatshirt you were looking at easily spending $60 if you wanted all the printing on it.  The kid got some new shoes from the shoe people and it was nice they found the best shoe for her foot type. The author of the Leify Rivers series was there signing books for the kids.  I would also like to say the vendors were all spread out and not all in one area, so you weren’t getting pushed around looking at the items.

Vendor Score: 9

Results – Great.  Out somewhat quickly and with the given foot traffic in that area there was little to no issue viewing the results.  The tabulation room was close to where our results were and since the venue was very spacious the runners could get them there and posted very easily.  And if you were blessed to place, getting your medal was very easy, and the kids passing them out were very pleasant and congratulatory towards you.

Results Score: 10

Feis Flow -Wow…all I can say is wow.  They said our daughters group would be done by 10:30 before the next levels would start on that stage and they were done on time, it not a few minutes early.  This feis moved rather quickly and smoothly, in that you weren’t rushed or felt that you were waiting all day.  Again I can’t say how it was for the ones that did start later then us, but it seems that you probably wouldn’t have to be there too long or late as they kept this moving quickly.  I did talk to some friends who were there longer then us but they were done around 3 which wasn’t too bad compared to other feis where they were there till 5:00 pm or later.

Feis Flow Score: 10

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