Shoe Shining – You Got What It Takes?


Last week I received a message from a Facebook follower that highlights the potential dangers of pre-Feis shoe shining. Thankfully, she saw the humor, and admits she is accident prone, so she wanted to share the story.

I was upset that she had been injured, but saw the humor in her story, and asked if I could share. She approved, with some ‘editing’ and if I promised not to use her name. Read the story, would you admit if it was you?  ;)

So, without further ado…

Hello! I thought I would share this story, because in retrospect, it IS a little funny.

So I’m dancing at the [snip] Feis tomorrow, and it is my first Feis since December 2011.

So thinking of your wise words, I decided to shine my shoes. But first, I tried to get the many layers of duct tape and glue off the tips. It wasn’t coming off easily, to I used a metal scraper (not a razor blade, thankfully).

I was nearly done with shoe #1, when the scraper somehow slid from my hand and cut the skin of my thumb from top to side. We’re talking a big carton-paper cut type of thing. So I call my husband for help.

He gets the band aids and the disinfectant, starts to clean and dress my wound… and I faint. I have never been very good with blood.

So all in all, my shoes only got polished this morning, but darn, shoe shinning can be dangerous! (I’m joking). I am accident prone, what can I say. The crazy thing was, I was not going to do it, but remembering your wise words, I kicked my butt to do it. Maybe I should have remained lazy!

As we messaged back and forth about her story, she did add:

P.S. I shared this story because I see humor in the situation. I am in no way blaming you for influencing me to shine my shoes and getting hurt in the process. I am a klutz, accident prone, and I know it.

I felt it necessary to remind her that no where in my shoe shine post do I recommend scrapping anything off with a metal scraper :)

Thankfully, it was not a career ending injury ;)  and we could both had a laugh.

I would like to remind everyone to stick to the tools I recommend in my post. There are no sharp objects there, and the very worst that can happen is a contact high from sniffing polish or a nasty black stain that won’t come out easily.

Be safe, keep shining, and leave the metal tools to the pros ;)

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