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Louisville Feis 2014, Grades Review

louisvilleThe Louisville Feis was held June 21, 2014 in the South Wing A of the Kentucky Exposition Center. The McClanahan School has hosted the Louisville Feis for 18 years. The feis is sponsored by The Greater Louisville Irish Cultural Society, Inc. This year was an excellent example of why it is an enduring feis tradition in the region.


The Kentucky Exposition Center is enormous. It is home to several different buildings and structures. The Louisville Cardinal stadium, Kentucky Kingdom, and Freedom Hall are all located within it’s boundaries. The feis was housed in South Wing A. Once we located South Wing A, we were good to go. Please see Parking for my suggestions for next year. This was fine example of a well run convention center feis. South Wing A is a large convention hall. It was well lit and clean. The bathrooms were large, clean, and well marked. They were also well stocked the entire feis. The only areas congested were around the stages. Everywhere else was easily traversed. Each stage also had their own marked camping area. Restricted areas and No Camping areas were maintained and respected by attendees, from what we observed. There were also several expansive, open areas for practicing. The feis also offered discount Kentucky Kingdom tickets for attendees. The parking fee, paid at the gate, covered both the feis and amusement park for the day. read more

Louisville Feis Review

What to say about the Louisville Feis, held 6/16/2012,  well how about….

Thumbs up for the judging as they rotated often.  Not doing that is one of my big pet peeves.

Results came out fairly quickly,  somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes after each dance but typically closer to 10. Good job there!

Food was typical but pretty good and not outrageously priced.

I am afraid that is where the positives have to stop though.

The new venue,  although I hear through the grapevine is just temporary, is terrible.  Small and very cramped with inadequate seating and camping space and very loud,  so loud in fact the musician stopped and tried to hush the crowd.  Sorry,  call them like I see them. read more