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The Shoe Shine Post

What The Feis do you do to get her shoes that shiny? A few people have asked about what I do to get TGC’s (that is The Girl Child in case you are new to my blog) shoes looking the way they do. Its easy, step 1, join the Navy, step 2, go to boot… Read more »

F.E.I.S. Recommendations

This F.E.I.S. (First Everyone Is Safe) Recommendations list is the consolidation of thoughts from a few other posts. If you are new, this is the third in a series of posts regarding feiseanna safety. You can see Part 1 and Part 2 to get caught up if you need to. Based on input from you,… Read more »

F. E. I. S. – First Everyone Is Safe

After my post from Monday, I was amazed to find that that type occurrence is more common than most of us think, and I was glad to hear that people had ideas on how to help reduce the potential of incidents like that from happening again. There were posts of Facebook, Voy and this blog,… Read more »

Parents & Dancers PLEASE Read

At the McMenamin Academy Feis in Milwaukee this weekend, I witnessed a rather disturbing event that I thought would never happen at a feis. I suggest all parents and dancers read this, and share with anyone you think needs to read it…. I suggest all parents, with or without dancers. ***** NOTE: Please see the comments… Read more »

WTF Happened?

About 26 hours ago, the What The Feis Facebook page had about 86 Likes. We have been online for a little over 2 years, and I let natural word of mouth create our ‘fan base’. Well, last night, Facebook What The Feis was listed on Crazy Irish Broads page (18 and over suggested please) and… Read more »

Ashley Smith on Heartbeat of Home Talent Search

Fans and friends of Ashley Smith, or any of the Smith family for that matter, may already know that Ashley, a 3 time World Champion. is competing in the Heartbeat of Home Talent Search. If you would like to support Ashley in this endeavor, go to and vote for her! Good Luck Ashley!

New Irish Dance Trend…

…and you heard it here first! This just in, a new hair style for competition is about to hit the streets and WTF acquired this previously unreleased photo from one of our sources. If I were you, I would expect to see mis-matched wig and hair colors as early as this weekend. Sources also tell us… Read more »