Pack Up Your Feisin’ In Your Old Who Hut… wait, what!?

The other day, my husband said, “You know, when we move, we won’t need any boxes…we can just pack everything in your tote bags.” I looked around the room and had to agree. I could easily start my own bag kiosk at the mall. People are constantly telling me that I have a bag problem. My response is always that I can quit bags anytime.

Dr-Seuss-cat-in-the-hatAfter giving this some additional thought, I realized that I don’t have a BAG problem, I have a FEIS problem.  There is just too much stuff I need to bring to be the ‘Perfectly Prepared Feis Mom’ (PPFM) and I can’t get a system down that doesn’t involve looking like the Beverly Hillbillies. At a recent Feis, you could buy a tee shirt with an image of a Feis Mom lugging five suitcases and four tote bags. I honestly thought that someone had snapped a photo of me and shaded it in (with a smaller butt).

That is when it hit me!  I need a Sherpa!! No, I’m not climbing Mt. Everest, but a Sherpa could lug everything in and claim a chunk of real estate at the Feis (would I need my own flag?). A Sherpa could install shelving in my claimed space so that I could instantly find the E6000 and Costco-size tub of bobby pins. Sadly, I realized that I had blown my Sherpa budget on the latest solo dress. So I went back to the drawing board to delve into what might work within the budget of a PPFM.

Then I used my family connections and called NASA to get their take on traveling light while still including everything a PPFM must have. Apparently, rockets headed to space have less stuff than what I take to a Feis. They just didn’t understand having to pack sock glue and two wigs. Talk about your awkward conversation!

Not to be discouraged, and knowing necessity is the mother of invention, I continued to ponder what would help and I think I have the solution. Forget the expanding duffel on wheels, forget matching tote bags – I need a Who Hut.

Think Dr. Seuss meets Bass Pro Shop. A veritable Irish dancing biosphere-type dwelling to meet all needs – camping chair, changing tent, shelves and clearly labeled bins. No more lugging ten suitcases like a mere Muggle only to buy duct tape in a panic. I’m envisioning a steamer trunk on wheels that unfolds into a tent complete with a hair salon chair, a mini fridge, and lots of counter space. Just be there when the doors open and stake out a big area with an electrical outlet (for the blender, of course).

The Who Hut is sure to be a hit with the Feis mom who doubles as a pack mule, cafeteria lady, makeup artist, and lady’s maid. Everything needed will automagically unfold and fall into place – just picture Things 1 & 2 from The Cat in the Hat. When you are ready to leave, push a button and the Who Hut folds up again ready for the next Feis. I haven’t quite worked out all of the kinks, but I’m filing for a patent next week. I can’t wait to relax in my Who Hut with a nice fruity drink and listen to ten hours of accordion music. Please feel free to stop by if you need anything.

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