Explaining the Hair

I am sure you have all been ‘there.’ Maybe it was on the way to a feis when you stopped for a bite to eat, or had to stop at the store for a last minute item on the way, or walking into an airport bar, yes that happened, but I digress. The stares, the awkward smiles, the hushed tones, but you know what they are all thinking and saying, ‘what is with that hair?’

Happened to us again this weekend, when TGC and I stopped at a Starbucks in Memphis on the way to the Memphis Feis. The conversation went almost exactly like this:

Barista 1: [awkward smile]
Barista 1: “Oohh, I love your ringlets. That must have taken forever to do.”
TGC: “Thanks”
Me: “It’s a wig.”
Barista 1: “A WEEK!?”
Barista 2: “Did you say a week? What, did you do a few hours a day? Did that look ok?”
Me: “I said its a wig.”
Barista 1 & 2 in stereo: “Oh!”
Barista 1 & 2: [awkward smiles in stereo]

There was more to it, but that was the jist. I think I need to take a lesson from TGC and next time just say thanks  ;)

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“Nice hair do.”
“Is it real?”
“You mean that is YOUR hair?”
Me”Yes, I have the receipt.” Or sometimes…”Yes, I own it.”

Thanks really is the best response. You know, TGC is really quite bright. She must get that from her mother.


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