The Shoe Shine Contest


Most all of you know my affinity for well polished dance shoes. I feel so strongly, I have even written a blog post on how I do my daughters shoes, because, you know, I can rock a can of Kiwi.

Well, in the spirit of competition, fun, and to help motivate you guys into putting a little more effort into the shoe shine, and I mean more than using that squeezy tube stuff or spray painting them (and yes, it pains me to say I know someone who did that), I have teamed up with the Irish Dance TShirt Company to create the What The Feis Shoe Shine Contest.

The Specifics

  • I will announce the contest the Monday before a contest weekend. Announcements, and reminders will be made on my social media accounts:
  • Entries by the way of photos will be collected between Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST and Sunday at 5:00 p.m. EST the contest weekend, and posted for voting Sunday night. Voting will continue till the Tuesday following the weekend at 5:00 p.m EST.
  • Entries can be emailed to inbox (at), or messaged to me via the Facebook page. Entries posted on the Facebook timeline will be deleted.
  • Entries will be posted for voting either on, on the What The Feis Facebook page, or another location TBD. Links to the location will be posted on social media when voting is ready. No text message voting will be accepted, this ain’t American Idol.
  • Winner will be selected by popular vote, just like American Idol ;)

The Prize

  • Winner will receive one short sleeved classic or contour tshirt from the Irish Dance TShirt Company. Long sleeve and tank top tees not eligible as prizes.
  • Tshirt does not have to be for the polisher. It can be for the person who wears the shoes ;)
  • Prize includes free shipping to the prizewinners location. WTF & IDTCO reserve the right to select the shipping method. Don’t worry, we won’t use carrier pigeons or drones, at least not yet.

The Rules

  • We are promoting shoe shining, with polish like Kiwi in the can(or a similar product). This means NO:
    • Squeezy bottles or tubes
    • Electrical tape
    • Spray-on polish or shiners
    • Spray paint
    • Patent leather
    • anything else that is not polishing.
  • Photos must be in un-edited format. No special Instagram or other program filters, color, hue, level, balance or any other adjustment in Photoshop or other editing programs. Cropping is ok.
  • Photos should be in natural light or standard building lighting. No special photographic lighting please. Flash is ok.
  • Pictures should be from top and or front of the shoes so as to best show the toe area.
  • Only one entry per polisher. Multiple entries per household are allowed, but they must be from separate shiners.
  • Only one prize per shiner for the life of the contest (assuming this is going to be a wildly popular contest and will be repeated). This is a shiner limit, not a household limit, so other shiners in the household are eligible for prizes.
  • Shined shoe picture MUST be from the week of the contest. The same picture WILL NOT be accepted for multiple contests.
  • WTF and IDTCO reserves the right to end the contest or update contest rules at their discretion.
  • Employees of What The Feis and the Irish Dance TShirt Company are ineligible.

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