The Mark of the Beast

For those of you who follow @whatthefeis on Twitter or on Facebook, you may recall my remarks about the dancer at the Indianapolis Feis who was dressed all in black, and whose number was 666. Now, I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic school, was an altar boy, etc… and am a practicing Christian now (not Catholic anymore, nuns scare me). Anyone who actually knows me knows I am not the most religious (at least outwardly) individual, but I have to say, I am surprised they use that number.

The Irish are a religious people, and I would assume using the mark of the beast would offend the Catholic sensitivities of the feiseanna crowd. I know that if TGC was given that number, we would ask for a different one.

So what say you? Take the poll below because I am really interested.

Do you think the Mark of the Beast (666) should be a competitor number?

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I have to say that I’m not a big fan of all-black dance dresses to begin with, but it’s just kind of funny that someone who had one was given that number. In the opposite direction, we noticed that among the dancers listed at the Cincinnati feis was someone from an unaffiliated school named Lord Risen with the number 666, which we figured was just a “dummy” assignment so that the number wouldn’t go to a competitor.

Zebadiah Beauregard

I wouldn’t worry too much because I did some checking around and the beast had more than one number:
666 – The number of the beast.
668 – The next door neighbor of the beast
715.99 – The number of the beast with tax, title and tags.
DCLXVI – The Roman numeral of the beast.
6.23 – The price of Fresh Ground Beast per pound this week at Kroger
159 – The Overall score of the beast after converting to Irish Points.
1,072 – The number in kilobeasts
So you see, virtually every number is the number of the beast.

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OK, so reading ZB’s response at lunch was a bad idea as I nearly passed a piece of a turkey sandwich through my nasal cavity I was laughing so hard.

Thanks for the comments ZB and PLEASE stop back anytime!


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