Minneapolis Feis Review 2014

The Minneapolis Feis was held on April 5th, 2014 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  WTF and TGC were not able to attend this feis due to adjudicator conflicts, but some comments have come in from other participants so we thought we would share in an impromptu review.

“My review from day one of feis is that it was well organized, very nice that the boards for each stage were on TVs mounted high enough to see over heads. Plenty of chairs at stages.

No outside food and slim, crowded choices for lunch within but we were lucky to may grab lunch after. Minneap is a clean downtown with great sidewalk access too!

Only real complaint is they put beginners in a narrower room so to compensate, dancer lineup was in the hall behind the stage. But you could only exit the stage from the back of the room. So you either leave your 5 year old in their own in a giant convention center (!) or you bolt the second they go backstage to get back to the other end and stand to watch them dance. This was only on stage A-B, CDEF were traditional lineup to the side… so I’d suggest they have older dancers get dropped off not the littlest.”

Christy W.

Let me know if you have comments to share. Names are not necessary. Thanks!

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Minneapolis Feis/O’Shea Feis
Facilities – fantastic – lots of room. no official ‘camping’ areas, but lots of chairs and wide hallways
Stages – saw no slipping. seemed a little small, but I’m by no means an expert.
Music – shared musician between 2 stages, 4 stages in one ballroom. No issues with music.
Judges – 4 judges for 5 dances saturday, 3 judges for 5 dances on Sunday.
Food – limited choice and expensive if you stayed in the facility. Difficult for us to go offsite with my dancer based on our schedule, but plenty of food choices within a reasonable walking distance.
Flow – so/so – Saturday – posted a hard start time for novice (11 am). our stage finished beginner 2 at 10:30. Stage ran for 45 minutes before breaking for lunch. seems like they should’ve not posted a hard start time for novice so that stage could continue. Our stage ran on time up until lunch, then slowed down. 2pm scheduled start for prizewinner was at least 30 minutes late. Reports of another stage being close to 2 hours behind. Sunday – Prizewinner scheduled to start at 1, started closer to 2.
Results – pretty fast on Sunday. waited 45 minutes on Saturday for some results.


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