Being an Irish Dance Dad….

I often feel like I am only there to drive and pay, but tonight, I had the chance to use some of my Navy training to help my little ‘dancing queen.’

The toes on her hard shoes had no black left on them, so I broke out my shoe shine kit and spent a half an hour on them. I did not do them like I would have back in the day, when I could spit shine shoes and make them shine like mirrors, but I blackened them and gave them a bit of a shine. You really cant see it because of the flash, but its there. My shining ability was a source of pride for me back then (I was actually accused of wearing patent leather shoes for inspections), and to be able to share some of that with my daughter made me happy, but I digress…

Which makes me wonder however, is there a rule for shoes and how much they can/should shine? Is the well-worn look the best, or slightly blackened, or really shiny? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, and if really shiny is best, you guys are in trouble ;)

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