And speaking of the Dayton Feis…

I want to say CONGRATS to Rachel from MI…. I won’t say what school or what age… She competed against my daughter and took first in every dance. Way to go!

Rachel and her Mom are the type to wait till the end to get results and it was killing me not to share with them how well Rachel was doing. It is really nice to meet dancers who don’t appear to have that ‘drama queen dance diva’ attitude and I like to see them succeed, even if they are beating my daughter.

Oh, BTW Rachel, can you move up so my daughter has a better chance?  Thanks!  ;)

and hi to Katie (Rachels little sister who also dances, and the reason I met the family in the first place)  :)

Editors Note: Rachel and her family have no way of knowing about this post, so if you know them by chance, please pass on my regards. Thanks!



Wow, what a kind and thoughtful note, thank you! Your daughter is also a beautiful dancer! I’m glad Katie bumped into your chair and we got to meet you!

-Rachel’s mom :)


Hi Rachel’s Mom!

Missed you guys in Columbus last weekend but trust me, you didn’t miss much :)

Glad you found my little website, but I am awful curious to know how you managed that. Let me know if you don’t mind.

Hopefully will see you guys again. Hi to Rachel and Katie too!


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