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A mini-rant on Facebook = A blog post on Antonio Pacelli

A few weeks ago I posted a mini-rant on Facebook about courtesy. With all the responses, I thought maybe it would be a good subject for my next blog post as Feis Dad on Antonio Pacelli. See Don’t Forget Your Manners and post your thoughts either there or here.

North Coast Feis 2014 Grade Levels Review

Our recent move up to PC (like how I said ‘our’, I really mean TGC ;)  ) I have had a hard time trying to capture review info for the entire feis. I guess I was grade specific before this though, so the tides have turned. Anyway, some WTF followers have graciously submitted their thoughts… Read more »

North Coast Feis 2014 The PC/OC Edition

Note: Since our ‘promotion’ to PC, my reviews have been more focused on the nuances of the new level, and I have not captured much info on the other levels. Looking for volunteers interested in helping me remedy that by adding grade level review info the the feis review. Thanks. The North Coast Feis was held on February… Read more »

A new feis season, an old reminder…

With a new feis season upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone about feis safety. My latest post as Feis Dad on Antonio Pacelli is a recap of what I blogged about in August here on WTF. Take a minute and refresh your memory about making sure that F.E.I.S –… Read more »

The Top 10 Responsibilities of Being an Irish Dance Parent

My first ‘real’ post out on Antonio Pacelli on the subject of being an Irish dance parent is what I call ‘The Top 10 Responsibilities of Being an Irish Dance Parent’ which you can find in its entirety at If you have a minute, give it a read. I would love to hear your thoughts!… Read more »

I am blogging for Antonio Pacelli, go figure….

A number of months ago, Antonio Pacelli contacted me about blogging for them. To be honest, I had no idea who Antonio Pacelli was and thought it was a hoax, I mean, what does an Italian man know about Irish dance? After a bit of research I found it was indeed not a hoax, and… Read more »

Chicago Autumn Feis 2013

The 11th Annual Chicago Autumn Feis was held on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at the North Central College in Naperville, IL. This is the second time I have attended this feis, the last when it was held back to back with the Prairie State Feis at Ho-Chunk back in 2011. I liked that venue better ;) Venue The… Read more »

American Pride Feis 2013

The 1st Annual American Pride Feis was held on November 2, 2013 at the Embassy Suites Nashville – South/Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee. Venue – From a hotel standpoint, it was great. For a feis venue, um, not so much, sorry. Not really a big fan of hotels as feis venues and this one was no exception. The… Read more »