What’s it like being a feis dad?

Prompted by suggestions on my Facebook page on what to write about for this months post on Antonio Pacelli, a few comments got us to this. So, if you are interested in how I feel about being a feis dad, <<< click there.  :)

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Liked the column! In truth, I think a lot of guys feel intimidated by the “female-ness” of it all, and might feel unwelcome when they are not. At our school, the participatory dads are treated like gold – we know how important it is to our kids to feel as if both parents are engaged, not just one. It’s easy to get the moms involved, but the dads sometimes need extra coaxing. The strategy and pack-mule aspects seem to be places where the Dad often finds his niche, but I once was asked by a frantic father at a feis for help with getting the wig on his daughter after his wife had stay back at their hotel due to tummy troubles. Maybe I’m a good teacher, because I saw him several weeks later and he proudly told me that his daughter told him that he did it better than his wife and could he keep doing it! I’ve often thought that one thing our booster club ought to be doing is holding hands-on clinics for the newbie parents of both sexes on all the things in getting ready for a competition and navigating feiseanna that it seems we’re expected to learn by osmosis or something. If we strip away the unfamiliarity and show the dads as well as the moms that they *can* do this, I bet you’d see more dads with bobby pins between their teeth. :-D


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