West Virginia Feis Grades Day 2014

The West Virginia Feis for Grades was held on March 22nd, 2014 at Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Pittsburgh Airport in Pittsburgh, PA. Since the feis was held in PA, I have listed it under both PA and WV reviews.

NOTE: This is for the Grades day of the feis (Saturday), which I did not attend, but I did have a comment or two from others so wanted to post them. If you have comments, please add them at the bottom. Thanks!

“I will only add that I wish when they are finishing a group prior to lunch they would push through and finish their TS. One of my biggest pet peeves is to finish their core dances and then have to wait around forever to do ONLY the TS after lunch. Of course this may just be me….

I think Jim Gravens did a great job of starting on time, and keeping the feis moving. Results were emailed on Sunday evening. The new floors were great, and none of my dancers danced in the dungeon room of stage 4…so it was a great feis. Results were a little slow in coming, I thought. Nice to see some new vendors, often I think we see the exact same ones at every Mid America feis.

My two cents!”

and from the Feis Chair:

” Thanks again for your very positive assessment.  (WhatTheFeis says – that part refers to the review I did for the PC/OC day)

The only thing is that the grades day(Sat) is the busiest part of the feis. We were able to do it in 8 hours with the usual  4 stages-3 in the main ballroom and the 4th in a smaller ballroom-Im lucky that i have very efficient,enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.”

How would you rate the WV Feis for Grades?

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