I need your opinion….

Seems like there are A LOT of Irish Dance websites out there, so am I spinning my wheels, or would that be reels?  :)

This could really go lots of ways, my first thought would be a resource for parents, maybe describe the dances, the history, how feis’ work etc….

I also thought a community might be nice, a place for schools to have forums on feis topics, a member section where school members could interact with other schools, and maybe even give an area for parents to blog.

Or maybe I could be the directory for all things Irish Dance and instead, group links to all the other good info that is already out there into a usable searchable format, kind of like the Google of Irish Dance… OK, I know that Google already is that but it might just work anyway.

So what do you think? Do any of these ideas sound appealing or maybe you have realized that something in the community is missing and I can build that here. I value any inputs and I am still interested in chatting with folks who might want to help.

Thanks in advance and Happy St. Patrick’ Day!


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