Glass City Inaugural Feis Review 2015

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The Inaugural Glass City Feis was held Sunday July 26th at the Seagate Center in Toledo OH. It was held back to back with the Great Lakes Feis. This review is for grade comps only.


It was a typical convention center feis. Parking wasn’t bad (especially because it was Sunday); stages were a bit bouncing, but were mopped several times; the room for camping was REALLY SMALL and the traffic flow within the hall was cramped.

Score: 7


The judges were plentiful and rotated. My OPW dancer was seen by three judges in five dances.

Score: 9


The musicians were assigned to each stage and were adequate. On one daughter’s stage, it was exceptionally hard to hear; another took a quick break after every 3rd or 4th dance.

Score: 7


Food was available within the hall. However, didn’t purchase anything. Not having to leave the room was fabulous for those who purchased!

Score: N/A


Typical selection of vendors (t-shirts; dance stuff; jewelry). Nothing that screamed “YES!” Location of used feis dresses was odd—outside the main hall in the middle (literally) of the results area.

Score: 6


With the exception of one dance, there results were almost instaneous. Posted outside the main hall, easy to get into and out of.

Score: 8

Feis Flow

Things ran quite smoothly in the morning. My Novice dancer was done by Noon. My OPW dancer was delayed by the lunch break. The Lunch Break very nicely offered Mass, which was a first for this family. However, the lunch break lasted 90 + minutes, which is kind of unacceptable, especially if you didn’t go to Mass. Needs to be adjusted.



Feis Score: 7.75
Overall Rating: 7.33

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Local Attractions

Located in downtown Toledo, within walking distance of the MudHens stadium and the Imagination Station, which was most helpful for the little brother.

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