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Missouri State Championship Feis 2014 Review

The Missouri State Championship Feis was held at the DoubleTree Hilton Union Station, in downtown St. Louis. This is a new feis and it debuted on August 2, 2014. This feis offered an abundance of specials, for all ages and abilities. From trophies to sashes to cash prizes. This feis had something for everyone. The volunteers were hard working, ready to help, and able to answer questions. Every volunteer we had interaction with was helpful, smiling, and encouraging. You could almost call them Disney perfect helpers. Job well done, MO State Champs Feis Team Members! read more

The St Louis Gateway Feis Review

St Louis Gateway Feis LogoThe St Louis Gateway Feis was held on August 26th, 2012 at The Renaissance Hotel, St Louis,  MO.

Venue – The Renaissance was really nice. A cool bar/coffee/restaurant with fun little niches for private conversations, eclectic setting and furniture, fun chairs with foot stools, nice lobby with ceramic title and cool mirrored surfaces, but, as a feis venue, it sucked.

There were 4 stages that were nice size in separate rooms, but the areas around all except the Champion area were small and very crowded. Seating was inadequate in each space as far as I could tell, on Stage 2 it definitely was. Squatters took up chairs making the issue worse, so people were standing in what space was left making it nearly impossible to move through the area. Hallways served as a camping areas, but chairs, coolers and blankets were not allowed by the hotel, so people stood around filling the hallways making getting around difficult. read more