Neponset Valley Feis 2014 PC/OC Review

logo4The 10th Annual Neponset Valley Feis was held at Walpole High School, Walpole, Massachusetts on October 25th, 2014.

This review is for Champ level comps. ( note: My daughter was in the prelim comp. and a friend who was traveling with me took notes on the Opens stages so those are included too)


This feis took place at Walpole high school. Parking was decent for the number of people attending. I can’t say whether grades were more crowded, my daughter danced at 3:15 so we got there post lunch. The prelim stages were 3 and were just one big rubber floor placed over the gym and separated by tape. On the wall were the numbers of the comps and they were taken down as each comp moved along. I didn’t hear any announcements to the next comp but the room was big so I may have missed it. bleacher seating no room for camping. We had a good amt of room to walk around, found a corner just outside the gym. could walk in and out of the building for air. the gym was super hot but outside was cool. it was uncomfortable for the dancers. The autorium was where opens were held and it was very hot also. They didn’t combine boys and girls in Opens.

I would give it a 7


I can’t really say that the judges moved around too much but I don’t know. She only danced 2 dances but I dont remember the judges changes seats before her comp. I won’t rate judge rotation since I can’t give it a fair shake


Same musicians for all the stages but it worked well and they were wonderful. No mistakes no delays and no wandering off never to be found again.

I give it a 10


Nice options. They sold food in the cafeteria with plenty of tables set up. Prices were good ranging from 1-3 dollars. They had pizza, nice turkey, ham. etc sandwiches, orange juice, water, soda, fruit and homemade cupcakes, chips, coffee( yay!).

I give it a 10.


In the hallway just as you came in so a bit squishy but nice. I didn’t buy anything but it seems like nice things regular stuffs.

I give it an 8


Not announced and went at super human speed ( Murphy’s Law exception- except for my daughters comp when we waited and waited. ha! always the way) They didn’t post recalls and didn’t make announcments as to when they will happen. This resulted in a friends daughter running up to the podium in shorts and a t shirt ( still nice to be there though) and another missing her daughter on the podium. This was way to fast in my book. Literally, people danced and came off stage and took their things to the cafeteria to get results. I think a breather would be nice and a better way to announce results. That is tricky in a feis I know.

I give it a 5

Feis Flow

Was a bit choppy, ran on time in open but late in prelim. again, we came late in the day but time between dances went fast then slow but nothing that stands out as poor. I give it a 7

Overall I give the feis an 8.

Both my friend and I agree the volunteers for the school were lovely and helpful. Parents and kids alike were warm and welcoming to out of towners! The halloween treble reel was cute and fun (I would have liked it at the end since kids wore costumes and it made a bit of a delay but still fun. I would go back and I recommend the feis. It was bigger then any feis I am used to but natives seemed to be used to that.

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