Cape Cod Feis Review 2014

The Cape Cod Feis hosted by the Forbes School, Haley School, Hansen Keohane School, Heavey Quinn Academy, and Nevin Academy was held on Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis, Ma.


This Feis was held at a conference center which had ample free parking. The comps were held over 2 days, with my daughter dancing on Saturday. There were 7 stages spread amongst 4 different rooms. My daughter danced in the largest room which was home to 4 stages, with 2 sets of 2 stages each. Stages were of good size, only negative was that they were not clearly divided. There were PLENTY of seats for spectators, and camping in the seats was not a problem for this reason. There were multiple locations with free water for the dancers and spectators which was a nice touch.


My daughter danced 4 times for 2 different judges. Typically she seems to dance all 3 soft shoe dances for the same judge, and her hard shoe for a different one. But here she danced 2 dances each for 2 different judges, so better than most feisanna. The judges also provided helpful comments with the marks we received.


In the room that my daughter danced in there was an accordion player and a pianist. They were both set up in middle of the 4 stages, and were only playing for those 4 stages so there was no bleeding from other musicians. This was about the best set up we have seen since we began feising..


There was a good selection of food for both lunch and dinner, i.e. bagels, muffins, fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and sandwiches, soups, hot dogs , and chips for lunch. Though the prices seemed quite high to me, $3 for a can of soda, $2 for a piece of fruit or small bag of chips, and close to $10 for some of the sandwiches.


There were quite a few vendors here, more than most Feisanna that we have attended. There were multiple shoe vendors, hair accessories, wigs, Irish jewelry, Irish apparel, made to order t-shirts, dress bags etc..

Results & Awards

The room we danced in was literally across the hall from the results/awards rooms so most results were available quite quickly, some even before all dances in a particular age/level was done with all dances.

Feis Flow

Feis flow was very good with all things being in one small area, but managing not to feel cramped at the same time. The only issue I had would be with the comps running about an hour behind, but that is certainly not out of the ordinary.


This is probably one of my favorite feisanna so far. Nice venue, well run, great results for my dancer : )

With all this in mind I give this Feis an 8.

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