Buckeye State Feis Review 2015 (CR)

The Buckeye State Feis was held on April 25th, 2015 at the The Bricker Building at The Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, OH.

This is a Community Review with comments by the attendees. If you attended please add your thoughts below.

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Mom O'Treble

We enjoyed the new venue-spacious. Food selections good- a little pricey – lines a bit of a challenge at lunch break, but that is usually expected. No complaints and will go again.


The new venue was great- extremely spacious . More camping room than I have ever seen. Given that there is so much more room now, it would be nice if they could raise their cap. I know the cap was reached very quickly & there were a lot of disappointed dancers that got shut out. Perhaps there is more to consider than venue size when setting a cap, but it appears that at least it is physically possible without bothering the Fire Marshall!


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