Milwaukee Feis 2014, 2nd Opinion

Mom X2 also attended the Milwaukee Feis and sent in her review in her Good/Bad/Other format. It is always good to get varying opinions!

NOTE: The Milwaukee Poll is on the first Milwaukee 2014 Review I posted and can be found here.

The 25th Milwaukee Feis was held at the UWM Student Union on August 9th, 2014.

The Good

  • In celebration of the 25th feis, all dancers (or whomever made it to the registration tables) were given a quarter. When you get money (albeit $.25!!) back for dancing, it can’t be a bad day!
  • Venue is easy to get parking (garage or street). If you know the area, lots of great restaurants and things to do.
  • Stages are spread apart and have ample room. Some even had super comfy chairs that had desk surface attached, which was awesome.
  • Food court was reasonably priced and the variety was great.
  • Run back to back with McMennamin Feis, which gives many dancers fantastic competition.
  • Results were posted within MINUTES of competitions being done. It was the fastest posting ever.
  • Well run. After 25 years, they have it down.

The Bad

  • Stages were spread apart which was difficult when chasing multiple dancers. However, the committee posted progress of multiple stages in a central location and that was MOST helpful.
  • Stages ran wildly slow or fast….hard to pace with multiple dancers.
  • Crowded
  • The Union is a maze of hallways and staircases. A challenge with slower moving older folks.

The Unique

  • One of the Judges at Stage 6 took the time to congratulate the numerous dancers of one competition. She explained to the dancers (and then the audience and parents) how beautiful and tough the competition was. All danced beautifully, she explained, and were worthy of placing. It was perhaps the nicest thing I have seen a judge do and will forever remember how kind she was.
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