Feis At The Beach 2015 Review (CR)

fabThe Feis at the Beach was held on April 18th, 2015 at the Wildwood Convention Center, in Wildwood N.J.

This is a Community Review with comments by the attendees. If you attended please add your thoughts below.

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This was our 3rd year attending the FAB. The schedule times for grades were spot on. My DD was supposed to dance after lunch ( 2:00 estimate) she started dancing approximately 2:15.
The huge venue and plenty of seating makes it seem like only 700 kids are competing, not 1200!
They do get a bunch on vendors, lots of “dance stuff” but also t-shirts , and other “Irish” stuff. They even have a t-shirt stand that makes custom FAB shirts!
Parking is 5.00. But us jerseians know that the parking meters are not turned on until May 15th ( shhh don’t tell the out of staters)
The hotels are typical jersey shore hotels, nothing fancy, but a comfy place to lay your head.
The boardwalk arcades and shops are open, and depending on the weather, so are the rides!
They have an “after party “, at Flip flops, a bar on the north side of wildwood. They had a buffet special and a DJ.
And if you want to know where you can get a great ice cream in a cool place just ask!! Lol


Very well organized…great venue with lots of space, unlike many middle schools and high schools that we crowd into on weekends. Ran on time. I have nothing bad to say and lots good to say about this feis. Well, o.k…my eardrums are still recovering from the over-amplification of the singer who sang the Irish national anthem at the beginning…

Billy D

John I sang the Irish national Anthem and the microphone was up way to loud, not sure how to fix that on the fly, even though I kept pushing it away from me during the song. Dont n ormally sing anthems, next year Ill stand 10 feet from the microphone :) Cheers! Sorry I have a loud voice

Lee Anne Watt

Lovely venue, great stages, ran well and the awards were fun and unique. Loved being able to go down to the ocean and play in the waves too.


Always a great feis! The awards are fabulous including the elusive sandcastle trophies! The venue is very spacious, no long food lines and plenty of bathrooms. There are so many opportunities to take a great picture of your dancer – the beach, on the Wildwood balls, etc. Just a fun weekend trip all around.

Holly Condon

Loved their use of social media! It was great to be able to check Twitter to see the updates on awards and times which was a huge blessing when traveling with 5 champions (daughter plus 4 friends) in 3 competitions. Definitely kept the running around to a minimum!

Also get the best location for a Feis unless somebody bring the Cancun Feis back! We got the most amazing pictures!

Will definitely be back!


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