Rockland County Feis 2014 PC/OC Review

rocklandThe 41st Annual Rockland County Feis was held on July 20, 2014 at the German Masonic Park in Tappan, NY.


Outside, in an open field. Bring your tents and chairs because it can get hot and the premium real estate goes fast. There is parking all around the venue, with parking attendants to direct the drivers. Trying to lug your Zuca bag through the rocks in the parking lot brings its own challenges, but the dancer managed it well. Bring your money, there is a per person gate fee attached to this feis, of course, dancers do not need to pay. There are activities going on all day – singing, music, kids games, even a playground for the siblings of bored dancers.

Rating 9.


Good, typical food with relatively good prices. Typical sandwiches in the afternoon and bagels in the morning. There was a large beer garden over by the music section. I did see many dads in that section. I wonder why?

Rating 9.


Nothing special. All essential feis items were represented.

Rating 8.


Multiple grade stages across from three champ stages. I did not get out a measuring tape, but I would bet that at least one of the champ stages were not to regulation. They were awfully small. Many dancers were seen maneuvering corners and “going around” other dancers. Grade stages appeared to be the correct size.

Rating 5.


Loud enough with good music. These musicians were smart, bringing their own tents to keep cool.

Rating 9.


So, so. Trophies for champs, no sashes and no podiums. A podium would have been nice so parents could see who the winners are. Remember, most of the dancers are shorter than the parents and it was crowded in the red and white small circus tent. Volunteers tried to call out the names of winners to the background noise of passing trains, making it very difficult to hear. I found myself asking “Who?” many times. Some of the higher level champs had perpetual trophies and they looked very nice. Grade trophies and medals were nice.

Rating 6.


The stages appeared to go off as scheduled. There was a nice speaker system that had a gentleman announcing the progress on stages and times of awards. Award times were posted on Twitter – though sometimes as they were starting “Results for 215 – now”… not very helpful when trying to get a dress back on and put down your beer cup from the garden.

Rating 8.

Overall – 8

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