Baltimore Feis 2014, PC/OC & Grades

Always good to have a second opinion, although these guys seem to be on the same page pretty much. Please also see the Baltimore Feis Review from Corabelle.

27th Annual Baltimore Feis
Date: Saturday September 20th, 2014
Location: Brooklyn Park Maryland


A nice suburban school. The best part is the time of year and the outside space. If the weather cooperates, there is plenty of space to camp outside. There is a large walking distance between the grade stages and the open champ stage. The grade awards and food are downstairs which also helps cut down on the crowded halls.

Rating 8.


Some of our favorite potatoes! The mashed potatoes are wonderful! Other items are available to nibble on. Prices were reasonable.

Rating 8.


Typical vendors, except a necklace and charm vendor that appeared to be very busy. Everyone likes a new vendor!

Rating 8.


Nice and spread out which is good. Two grade stages in one room. Two grade stages and one champ stage in the gym and open champs in the auditorium. There was some limited seating for non-dancers which was nice. I saw Broesler parents sweeping stages regularly.  Only complaint would be at the start of the day and the confusion around ceili dancing. Stage monitors seemed confused about waiting for ceili dances to end or starting the champ stage and holding ceili dances open for a period of time.

Rating 8.


Seemed OK. It was hard for parents to hear the music but the dancers did not seem to have any issues.

Rating 9.


Champ awards and grade awards are great. There are sashes and lots of large perpetuals for champs and lots of grade trophies to take home. This feis does well in this category.

Rating 10.


Good, kept to schedule. Awards came out relatively quickly. Twitter updates were wonderful!

Rating 9

Overall score: 9

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