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Detroit Feis 2014, Grades Review

The 2014 Detroit International Feis was held on Saturday, June 7th at the Ultimate Soccer Arena in Pontiac, Michigan


Huge, open space to hold a Feis. There were 4 stages set aside for the grades and there was ample spacing between each so that music didn’t bleed over and confuse the dancers. There was plenty of space set aside for camping and bleacher seating was always available when sought out. My only suggestion would be to set up a few practice areas with a flat/dance friendly surface. It was difficult for my dancer to warm up and run through her dances on the turf areas and the rolled out temporary surfaces that covered the turf areas. read more

Akron Feis 2014 Grades Review

The 38th Akron Feis was held on May 24th, 2014.

This was our first trip to Akron and I can honestly say we won’t be going back. My head is still spinning from the day. I just don’t get why so many like this particular Feis.


Yes, we all know that it is held in a barn-like structure on the fairgrounds, but it was so dusty and dirty that our skin was gritty by the end of the day. For anyone who suffers from allergies this is not the place to be hanging around for hours on end. Camping was so crowded and it was hard to move around without walking through another families’ area. It did not help that every 10 minutes an announcement was made threatening disqualification of your dancer if you failed to stay within the blue tape boundaries. There was not enough space for the amount of people in proportion to the size of the venue. read more