Buckeye Feis Review

I decided that reviewing the most recent feis I attended may be good subject matter for this site. I planned on covering what I thought about the Buckeye Feis this past weekend, including the food, parking, dresses, etc…. but it appears that @IrishDanceMom02 beat me too it. For a great review of the 3rd Annual Buckeye Feis, see her blog post.

There were a few things I was interested in that @IrishDanceMom02 didn’t mention that I thought I would briefly cover. First, the judging. The judges changed frequently which is good. If a judge stays on one stage too long it can harm (or help) a dancers chances for scoring well if the judge happens to have particular style they look for. I know, I have seen it happen. I liked the fact that for the six dances the girl child did, there were 3 different judges, giving all the dancers more even odds.

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I need your opinion….

Seems like there are A LOT of Irish Dance websites out there, so am I spinning my wheels, or would that be reels?  :)

This could really go lots of ways, my first thought would be a resource for parents, maybe describe the dances, the history, how feis’ work etc….

I also thought a community might be nice, a place for schools to have forums on feis topics, a member section where school members could interact with other schools, and maybe even give an area for parents to blog.

Or maybe I could be the directory for all things Irish Dance and instead, group links to all the other good info that is already out there into a usable searchable format, kind of like the Google of Irish Dance… OK, I know that Google already is that but it might just work anyway.

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About What The Feis

As of right now, March 13th, 2011, What The Feis (WTF for you people in the know) is just a concept. My original idea was to have it be a guide for new Feis Parents but my blue-sky idea is having it be the ultimate reference for everything Irish Dance.

In addition to a history lesson, a reference, a glossary, a list of schools, a schedule and a community, my goal is to have links, discussions, classifieds, member sections etc… kind of like a Feis Facebook Plus.

Here is where you come in. To make this work, I need help from people who know things about Irish Dance. I am getting there but as a Feis Dad I am way behind the power curve. So, if you want to help, contact me at any of the below:

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